5 similarities between the Fujifilm X100 and X100V

I’m going to compare the 2011 original Fujifilm FinePix X100 with the Fujifilm X100V launched almost 10 years later. Because why not. I have used both cameras for my day to day photography having had the original X100 since 2017 and the X100V since 2020. This article will focus more on the user experience as […]

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Top 5 retro inspired modern cameras

Beauty probably isn’t the first metric that you should judge a camera on. There’s things like dependability, ergonomics, autofocus speed, battery life and other qualities that usually come first when buying a camera. But photographers supposedly have an eye for pretty things. So who could judge us for wanting a beautiful retro looking camera as […]

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Why the Fujifilm XF10 can be frustrating to use

In the previous article I have made a list of some key features that make the Fujifilm XF10 a great camera to own and use. I fully recommend you also read that one if you haven’t already. Now I’m going to focus more on the flaws that this particular model has so that you can […]

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Why I love the Fujifilm XF10

One camera that I definitely fell in love with is the Fujifilm XF10. Strangely this is also one of the cameras you will rarely hear about anywhere as it doesn’t seem to get too much attention. It’s viewed sort of like the Ricoh GR IIIs uglier and less smart distant cousin or as a failed […]

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Does size matter?

Don’t let anyone fool you. It does! At least when it comes to cameras! So what are the advantages of a plus size camera? One reason why it does matter is because there undoubtedly is a correlation between the camera and lens size and the picture quality you get out of it. The more space […]

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What is it? This website is a work in progress project built from the ground up to help you choose the camera you want and need. How does it work? It’s quite easy actually! Just select the type of photography you want to do, the budget you are willing to allocate and how big of […]

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