Does size matter?

Don’t let anyone fool you. It does! At least when it comes to cameras!

So what are the advantages of a plus size camera?

One reason why it does matter is because there undoubtedly is a correlation between the camera and lens size and the picture quality you get out of it. The more space a manufacturer has to work with the bigger the sensor size it can put in and the more light it can gather as a consequence. The same goes for lenses, the bigger they are the more light they can usually gather. Sigma lenses are a prime example of how good they can be if they sacrifice size as a prerequisite.

Another good reason in having a heftier piece of equipment is the ergonomics. A camera can become too small to be comfortably and securely held for long periods of time! In between the Sony RX100 and the Canon EOS R it is quite obviouse the later will be way more comfortable to hold.

Ok, then what about the smaller ones?

This doesn’t mean that smaller cameras aren’t good. As the old saying goes, the best camera is the one you have with you. There’s no use in having an awesome camera if it’s too big to bring along with you without it causing back aches. The Nikon D5 while comfortable to grip is a pretty heavy camera coming in at 1415 grams ( 3.12 lb ) without a lens. Add a single lens and a flash and you’re looking at around 2.5 kg (5 lb) of equipment that can wear you out and add unnecessary tiredness when maybe a smaller kit would make do for certain jobs.

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